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There’s a metric fuckton of reasons why you’re wrong, but I’m only gonna give you a couple because I’m only two thirds of the way through a midterm and I haven’t slept. 

If you think Jeph’s intention was ever to depict all women, you’re an idiot. Marigold does not represent all women. Marigold does not represent all bigger women. Marigold does not represent all nerdy women. She is one character. Not all chubby women look the same. Some may not have a muffin top. Some may not have stretch marks. Some may not have either. If you think all chubby women have to fit a certain standard, then you’re marginalizing a group just as much as someone who doesn’t realize that any chubby women have stretch marks or muffin tops. 

Marigold is a character. She’s a complex character. It’s been well established that her self esteem gives her a warped sense of what she looks like; it’ always been the case that she thinks she looks worse than she does. Maybe if her only issue was her body dysmorphia, then it would be more important to include stretch marks or a muffin top. But if her only issue was her body dysmorphia, then THAT would be offensive. I’m a chubby woman, and I’m tired of seeing chubby characters’ only issues being their weight. I have A LOT going on. Can you think of female chubby/curvy characters who have more going on than just their weight issues? I’m an English Major and pop culture connoisseur and I can only think of a few. Faye and Marigold are two who pop up first. Marigold’s self esteem issues come from more than just her weight. She has flaws beyond being chubby or being self conscious about being chubby (not that being chubby is a flaw.) 

The moment when Marigold finally says “this is stupid” is an incredibly feminist moment. I was more touched by that moment than I have been by any other QC moment. I can’t describe how much that moment means to me. Thanks for ruining that moment with your ignorance.

Finally, this is a COMIC. Characters are STYLIZED. Not every detail is shown. That would be impossible. Sure, Marten has probably had a wrinkled shirt every once in a while, but we’re willing to suspend our disbelief for that. I’m willing to extend that to stretch marks and muffin tops. (Faye’s scar is an exception to that, because it’s pertinent to her character.) Stretch marks and muffin tops DON’T matter. We know Marigold is self conscious about her weight. That’s enough. 

It might be important to note that I’m incredibly qualified to have this conversation. I’m a feminist. I’m body positive. I’m fat. I’m critical. I’m easily offended. I don’t let things go easily. I wouldn’t be willing to let this slide if it offended me in the least.


A woman with stretch marks and a muffin top.

P.S. If you have to tell someone that you’re being sarcastic, then clearly you’re doing sarcasm wrong. 

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